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Jul. 26th, 2013

You are not alone

Casualties of War

Casualties of war,

They went to countries far.

Some sacrificed it all

They died on duty’s call.

Some can no longer walk,

Lost the ability to talk.

Casualties of war,

They went to countries far.

Some bring the war back home

Never leave the combat zone.

They still function for a while,

Bravely carry on their smile.

Casualties of war,

They went to countries far.

One day the mask begins to fall,

And cracks appear along the wall.

Through silence breaks an awful scream,

Drags into light the burdening dream.

Casualties of war,

They went to countries far.

When our troops have long come home

And media interest has moved on,

They will still kill and fight and fall

They will forever pay the toll.

Apr. 16th, 2013


Next Spring

The first day of Spring
The sun is out.
I close my eyes
and think of Spring last year,
when you were here.

The change of season
where you are
means fight and death.
May you survive the danger zone
and come back home.

Then in a year from now
you will be back.
And we can start
live our dream, a life that's new;
just me and you.

Mar. 10th, 2013

wounded soldiers

Four paws

He appeared out of nowhere
one day
just skin and bones, determined
to stay.

There was no doubt that he didn't
But though he seemed week, we knew he
was strong.

And so we aowed him to look for
a space
some rugged old towels he chose for
his place.

We shared our rations, what little
there was
He patintly waited and held out
his paws

Then the alarm came, and we all
went out
The camp quickly covered by cloud
after cloud.

When the smoke settled and we
The place with his towels was
badly burnt.

The search team did not find a
single trace
But sometimes I still see his
furry face.
You are not alone

Sentry duty

Settlig down, arraging the gear
another quiet night and nothing to fear
** 10 minutes in

Cloudless sky, no movement in sight
this will feel like a very long night
** 20 minutes in

Scanning the area yard by yard
changing position while still standing guard
** 30 minutes in

Missing the action, just want to go out
Next out of the darkness one horrible shout
** 40 minutes in

Movement, commotion and check with the base
I swear in the distance I've just seen a face
** 50 minutes in

Changover time, one lucky chap done
another's round has now just begun
** 60 minutes in

Not more than "hello" and then back to the sand
the gun feels much heavier now in my hand
** 70 minutes in

Now been declared one more quiet night
with no chace at all for a challenging fight
** 80 minutes in

Scanning and waiting and turning around
trying to tell me it's dangerous ground
** 90 minutes in

I've had enough now, my legs feeling sore
another shift just one terrible bore
** 100 minutes in

Anything's better than such a long wait
the action I'm seeking keeps getting delayed
** 110 minutes in

My arms getting heavy, but there is relief
just need to get through the handover brief
** 120 minutes - done

Dec. 11th, 2012


She was a soldier

She was a soldier, first of all;
responding to her country's call.

She carried weapons, armour, kit;
spent countless hours keeping fit.

No challenge ever was too tough.
She never said ' I've had enough '.

She wanted to go out and fight,
and wore her uniform with pride.

She learned to shoot, to cover up;
to stand the sight and smell of blood.

Then came the day when she went out,
the only woman in the crowd.

Long days and nights, endless patrols;
the desert heat crept through her soles.

She settled into life on edge;
'Make no exception' was her pledge.

She never faltered, soldiered on;
month after month, the job got done.

Then came the ambush, unforeseen;
a quiet day it should have been.

The battle left a bloody trace;
surprise still written on her face.

The bullets hit them all the same,
and she will never rise again.

She longed to see the danger zone,
and now her body returns home.

She is still one among the men;
her body buried next to them.

Oct. 5th, 2012


Remember me

Say my name,
whisper it into my ear.
Tell me what it means to you
to be with me.

Kiss my lips.
Put your arms around me.
Let me feel just what it's like
to be with you.

When you go,
there's nothing left but void,
just echoes of your touch and kiss.
I am alone.

While you're away
please don't forget my name.
Remember how I sound and feel.
Come back alive.

I'd like to think
that memories of me
are with you through adversity,
and guide you home.

Sep. 13th, 2012

You are not alone

Day and Night

You're counting the losses.
You see the tired faces,
the looks of despair.
They're looking at you
for answers.

You wish you could rest,
have a break from the fight,
allow them to sleep.
But there is no respite
from this war.

You cannot carry the dead;
will bring home just their tags.
They turn into numbers.
And those still alive
look at you.

One final look around.
A check of firearms.
You take a deep breath,
then you give the order
to counter attack.

* ~ * ~ * ~ *

The fire has stopped.
Exhaustion everywhere.
This battle is won,
but there is a high toll.
Much too high.

You're alone with your thoughts.
Sleep will not come.
When the new day begins
your soul will remain
in the dark.

Sep. 6th, 2012

new profile photo

An ordinary hero

You went out,
slept in the dirt,
didn't complain.
You're my hero.

You fought hard,
to the brink of collapse,
all through the night.
You're my hero.

You had to kill
with no time to think,
'til bullets ran out.
You're my hero.

You came back,
no plaque with your name.
no resettlement.
You're my hero.

Those days gone,
you're a soldier no more.
But I still salute you.
You're my hero.

While you try
not to mention your past,
it remains part of you.
You're my hero.

Aug. 21st, 2012

You are not alone

As long as there's life, there is hope

As long as there's life, there is hope,
to change
the course of one's life
to make a new start.

As long as there's life, there is hope,
to grow
to take stock again
to become someone else.

As long as there's life, there is hope,
to care
about those around
to experience love.

As long as there's life, there is hope
even if
health is destroyed,
life can progress.

As long as there's life, there is hope.
You took
the life and the hope,
there's no going back.

As long as there's life, there is hope
to talk.
Allow me to listen,
to forgive, not forget.

As long as there's life, there is hope
to look
at yourself through my eyes,
let the healing begin.

As long as there's life, there is hope
for you
to grow as a man
to embrace my love.

You are not alone

You gave the orders

You gave the orders.
You had to make a choice.
It was you who decided,
who was to go,
to secure enemy ground.

Not the luck of the draw,
a decision a commander makes.
Nobody to share the load.
It is you alone,
and your men follow suit.

You can't go yourself.
The officer will have to stay behind;
to hold it all together,
to wait and observe,
to hope it all goes well.

But it went wrong.
The ambush could not be foreseen.
You sent them into death;
they won't come back;
a new load on your soul.

You don't have time
to ponder or reflect on it.
Decisions to be made.
It is still war,
and lives need to be saved.

You're in command.
Your men will always follow you.
They know you deeply care
about their lives.
They know you had no choice.

This is the price
an officer will always pay.
It's made you who you are,
the man I love.
And now I'm by your side.

There is no way
you can make it all undone.
But please forgive yourself,
you were at war,
the failure wasn't yours.

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